Fijians preparing for Fiji Elections



The mission of the Fijian Elections Office is to conduct free and fair elections.


In all elections, we will uphold the fundamental principle that every Fijian has one vote and all votes are of equal value.


It is our duty to ensure that all citizens over the age of eighteen have the opportunity to exercise their constitutional right to vote.


We strive to be professional, just and transparent in our work.


We recognise that in order to maintain the trust and confidence of the Fijian people, we will operate independently without fear or favour.


In all matters, we will uphold the core rights, principles and values of the Fijian Elections Office, which are in line with the 2013 Constitution:


Core Rights, Principles, and Values:


The right to vote. Every Fijian citizen over the age of eighteen has the right to vote.


One person, one vote, one value. Every voter has one vote, with each vote being equal.


Secrecy of the ballot. Every voter has the right to vote by secret ballot.


A single National Register of Voters. Every registered voter shall be listed on a single National Register of Voters.


Honesty, integrity and transparency. The Fijian Elections Office values honesty, integrity and transparency in all its transactions.


Independence. The Fijian Elections Office is an independent body that operates without fear or favour.


Professionalism. The Fijian Elections Office is a professional body that adheres to the highest standards of conduct and practice.


Impartiality. The Fijian Elections Office is an impartial body that shows no preference – in either speech or action – for any individual candidate or political party.




You can check your registration for accuracy.


If you have not registered yet, you can find out what’s next with EVR. In the coming weeks and months, permanent registration centres will open in major towns and cities around Fiji.


You can also download the registration form to save yourself time on the day you go to register.


In 2014, we are continuing the process of registering Fijians living overseas. Click here to check for updates.


The international community is also being invited to participate in this historic milestone in our history.


If you want to form a political party, be an official of a political party or donate to a political party, download a summary of the rules and registration form.


You can also download the full Political Parties Decree and Electoral Decree.


You can watch our election videos – launched in July 2012 – and see the latest media releases about the election countdown.


Every Fijian is gaining an equal voice for the first time. Every Fijian is gaining a vote of equal value. Raise your voice and use your vote for a truly democratic Fiji.