Vunisea Secondary School Awareness

In its efforts to create more awareness to schools in the Rural Sector the National Archives of Fiji has embarked on an outreach programme to visit nearby schools concurrent to Records Management Workshops that are usually held at Government Stations.

This year to begin this new venture the Archives team visited Vunisea Secondary School on 13 – 14th April.

An exhibition was held in the Conference Room of Vunisea Secondary School open to all teachers and students as well as the community.

Vunisea students were allocated times per form to visit the display area. A lot of interest was generated by History and social Science students as they were able to identify with items on display with topics in their school syllabus.

One of the records that were targeted by the students apart from History related documents was the “Na I Cavuti”

Apart from the school awareness programme, a talanoa session was also held at the Ministry of Agriculture Conference room after the Workshop and an evening session for teachers and community members at the Schools Conference room.

Kadavu 1  kadavu 2  kadavu 3

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