What are archives? Archives are documents made or received and accumulated by a person or organisation in the course of the conduct of affair and preserved because of their continuing value. those records of any public or private institutions which are adjudged worthy of preservation for references and research purposes and which have been deposited     or have been selected for deposit in its archival institutions. [Modern Archives, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1956,]

Archives …why do we keep them?

  • As long term memory  ...enabling better quality planning, decision making & action by providing continuity, access to past experience, expertise and knowledge, and a historical perspective
  • As a way of accessing the experience of others
  • As evidence of continuing rights and obligations
  • As instruments of power, legitimacy and accountability, facilitating social interaction and cohesion
  • As a source of our understanding and identification of our-selves, our organizations and society
  • As vehicles for communication political, social and cultural value.

Historically, the term has often referred more narrowly to non-current records deposited for deposit in an archival institution.

The word archives is also commonly used to refer to
• The organisation, agency or program responsible for selection, care and use of records of continuing value.
• The repository, building or place dedicated to their storage, preservation and use
• Records that have been selected for preservation because of its values as long-term evidence of an organisation actions
and decisions (Keeping Archives; 2nd Edition, Judith Ellis)

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