Digital Continuity Unit

The Digital Continuity Unit was established in 2011 and it is the newest inclusion into the National Archives of Fiji. It is responsible for the Digitization of all photographs and Audio Visual programs from the Department of Information and other Government Departments/Ministries that have Photograph and Audio Visual Units.

The main aim of the unit is the preservation of these materials. At the moment the unit is still going through the inception stage. Staff are currently sorting out images, scanning and cataloguing both photographs and AV programs. To date the unit has managed to sort and store 106, 180 black and white photos and more more than 2, 000 hours of edited AV footages, these photos and AV materials are then sold to the public or given to researchers for their publications. Some of these AV programs are now being aired on Fiji TV’s Back in Time programme.

DC Unit 

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